The importance of reading

The Importance of Reading and How Reading Helps Train Your Brain

The importance of reading

Reading is not only important for learning, but it also provides what is called “Brain Training.” Consider it sort of Exercising your brain, or as some people call it “exercising your mental muscle.”

Developing a Higher IQ

The popularity of children’s story books has never disappeared. Even today, with all the technological innovations, parents still realize the importance of teaching their child to read at an early age. The importance of doing this at an early age creates two benefits: One is improved vocabulary and the other is habit. Like anything else we develop habits early on, and learning to read consistently is a habit that should be taught as early as possible. The experts have concluded that: “children who consistently read have higher IQ’s compared to those that don’t,” and they do better later on in high school and collage.

Developing Focus

In a world where there are many distractions, it becomes more imperative to stay focused to be successful. Concentration is a key element that coincides with focus, and this all culminates in ones ability to learn things faster. It’s truly a challenge these days not to get distracted with television, video, video games, audio; in a fast paced society finding the time to sit down and read a good book is a bit tougher, but the benefits and enjoyment are still there.

Brain Training

What we’re talking about here is “brain health.” Today, more than ever, we understand and have studied how our brain works. It has something to do with “neural pathways.” It’s explained like this: “when we read we are learning, thinking, imagining, and this stimulates neurons. These neurons are the foundation for what was mentioned before as mental workouts. If you are learning something new, unfamiliar, then this is even better because your brain has to call in neighboring neurons to help with the task. This exercise rewires your brain and creates new pathways.”

So the process of reading, especially literature which challenges your thought process, stimulates mental awareness and increases your brain efficiency. These new understandings about how the brain works contradicts the general perception that: as we age our memory and mental alertness deteriorates. You now know exactly what to do to avoid this problem.

Benefits of Brain Training

The literature that has been published the last several years suggests that training your brain results in a smarter, quicker brain. The application of this development carries far beyond just being smarter, it is applied to everyday things. Your reaction times, your response to emergencies – these are all practical applications that we all encounter at one time or another. Having your brain trained and primed could actually save lives; examples on our highways are evident each and every day.

We were meant to read – it will never go out of style. Libraries are filled with books and periodicals. These paperbacks co-exist with computers, IPads, Androids, and any other gadget developers have come up with. The written word is still a main source of communication and your brain can stay forever young if you just keep Reading.