Puppy Potty Training – How to House Train Your Puppy Or Dog the Easy Way

Puppy_Potty_Training_ebookPuppy potty training can be fun and easy. It is the inexperienced pet owner who is often responsible for the untrained pet. In Puppy Potty Training, Frances Clarke shares her expertise and gives you the information you need to begin a happy relationship with your new best friend. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, they need to be house trained in order to become happy and dependable members of your family. House training is a simple, and even fun, process, requiring positive reinforcement and consistency. The two main guidelines are: 1) use confinement (the ‘den’ dweller principal) and close supervision, and 2) a regular schedule of frequent visits outside and praising your pup when he eliminates. In addition to house training basics, Puppy Potty Training includes: *Indoor and outdoor methods of training *A comprehensive list of Dos and Don’ts *Tips on cleaning up after ‘accidents’ *A simple schedule you can follow *Suggestions to make the training process easier Never again worry that your pet might soil the carpet or embarrass you in front of friends. Use these simple techniques to get the ‘business’ done.

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