Patriotic Puzzles: Activity Book for Adults: Word Games, Brain Teasers, Writing Activities, Coloring and Other Challenges

Patriotic Puzzles Adult Activity Book

An adult Activity and Puzzle book for Patriots, with Word Search, Mazes, Brain Teasers and other Challenges.

Whether you were born in the USA or immigrated here, this book is for all Patriots who love and honor their country. Within these pages you will find a variety of activities and puzzles designed to challenge and inspire, and perhaps have a few chuckles. Some things you may find easy, others will present some difficulty, but they will all help sharpen your wits while having fun, and you might learn a little of your patriotic history along the way.

Patriotic Puzzles will make a great gift for your friends and family, or a treat for yourself. So click on the link below to buy now.

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