How To Kissa Girl for the First Time

How To Kiss a Girl for the First Time

How To Kissa Girl for the First TimeThe Art of Kissing has been written and talked about for years. A kiss is not just a kiss; it may even be a relationship breaker. There are studies that show a woman is more likely to remember the details of her first kiss than her first sexual experience and that puts an awful lot of pressure on a guy to perform well. There’s a lot of advice about kissing out there but most of it assumes you’ve already made it past the first kiss, and a lot of the advice is completely wrong – Grab a tit and hold your breath – will only get you a slap in the face or even a knee in the groin. Let’s face it, going for that first kiss can be an ordeal. But fear no more! In ‘How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time,’ Jessica James gives you tips about kissing to keep you relaxed and confident while your lady will be left breathless. From pucker preparation to timing and ‘teasing’ to the kiss itself, Jessica will guide you to pleasurable success.

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