Honest Bob, The Dog, Has a Tea Party

Honest Bob, The Dog, Has a Tea Party


Bob is a very Honest Dog.

In this delightful kid’s book by Anne Terry, Bob the Dog shows his friends that honesty really does pay when they find a valuable gold ring in a cake and all the friends want to keep it. Bob persuades them that the right thing to do is return the ring to its owner and, in doing so, he gets a reward.

Children will fall in love with the kindly Bob and the colorful hand-drawn illustrations of Bob and his friends – a black and white cat called Perse N Ickity, a talkative parakeet named Hooser Pritiboy and Fifi Fluffington, a rather lah-di-dah poodle.

Parents will appreciate Bob’s honesty and the fun way in which their children can learn one of life’s valuable lessons – that it’s always better to be honest.

For kids ages 3 – 7.

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