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What you should know about publishing your book

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Keep 100% of your rights

The intellectual property and copyright of your book is very valuable. You should always retain all your rights.

Transparency in pricing

Know exactly what you’re paying and what you are paying for.

How will your book be sold?

Your book can be sold in e-book, softcover, audio and even video format. With digital and print-on-demand services, none of these formats require up-front funds for either retail or wholesale sales.

How will your book be marketed?

Once your book is published, it is unlikely to sell without extensive promotion. Does your publisher offer marketing services and/or help train you to promote your work.

ISBN and Library of Congress identification

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique number assigned to your book that has worldwide recognition and is required by most U.S. booksellers. A Library of Congress number is necessary to place your book in libraries (in soft or hardcover format) and must be obtained before printing.

Book and cover design

A high-quality, high-impact cover is essential to help get your book noticed and should be formatted, with the interior, for all book-selling platforms.

Print-run flexibility

Orders for softcover books are printed on-demand regardless whether they are for one or 1000. You should never be required to pay for orders up-front other than those you purchase for your own inventory at a discounted price.