Daniel – Horn In

Daniel - Horn InDaniel continues his quest for the perfect woman but this time his chosen ‘victim’ is a virgin whose best friend happens to be a stunningly gorgeous police detective. Has Daniel finally met his match with Detective Crista Rosales? Will Crista be the one to stop him before he destroys another woman’s life? Kathleen McVicar is blonde, twenties and a librarian. She’s also a good Catholic girl who is committed to ‘saving herself’ for her future husband, which makes her even more appealing to Daniel. When she doesn’t show up for work her best friend, Detective Crista Rosales, leads the investigation. The chase is on but is it already too late for Kathleen? And what is Daniel’s new trademark? Does it have anything to do with a talisman that Crista wears around her neck and why is it so important?

You may want to read the other books in the series: “Daniel – Exquisite Deceit” and    “Daniel – Lips”.

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