Daniel – Exquisite Deceit

Daniel - Exquisite DeceitWinifred Aldridge is a typical geek. Bright, focused and socially awkward she has little time for the usual pursuits of a university student – getting high, getting drunk and getting laid. But as a physiology student, she’s dedicated to her research on human response and won’t allow anything to distract her from it. That is, until she’s joined by Daniel Holliday, a very well put together example of masculinity. Now Winnie has no choice but to focus upon her work to the exclusion of all else, because if she doesn’t, the thought of what would happen if she were to find herself in Daniel’s arms would drive her crazy. But when their research enters a new phase – that of studying sexual responses between volunteer students, the added stimulus of watching a dozen naked teenagers each week threatens to tip her self-control over the edge. Her attempts to shut off her emotions entirely are only partially successful as she and Daniel work closely together. Then, one night, Winnie is attacked by a masked stranger and dragged into an alleyway. Fearing rape, she fights off her attacker as best she can, but he quickly overpowers her and she is left helpless and unclothed beneath him. Daniel’s fortuitous appearance and subsequent rescue of Winnie is all the reason she needs to throw herself into his arms. But as Daniel strips away Winnie’s defences, taking advantage of her emotional vulnerability by giving her what she has so desperately yearned for – his body – he harbors a dark secret, one that has left a string of shattered lives in his turbulent wake. Can Winnie survive his twisted games and live long enough to escape from his clutches? Or will Daniel use her and then go on to manipulate other women into his dark and deadly fantasies?

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