Candida Cure : Beat Candida For Life

Candida Cure: Beat Candida For LifeDo you feel ‘sick all over’ but test after test finds no evidence of disease? Do you suffer with bloating, gas, gastrointestinal upset, depression, psoriasis, PMS, recurrent bladder or urinary tract infections, constipation or sugar cravings? You may have candida.
Candida albicans lives in you and me. It is a serious, life-threatening illness with the potential to infect heart, joints, brain, eyes, liver and kidneys and is implicated in many conditions from acne to cancer.

In CANDIDA CURE: BEAT CANDIDA (YEAST INFECTION) FOR LIFE, Jennifer Michaels discusses lifestyle and diet to help you beat this insidious illness. Take the Quiz to find out if you may have candida and make use of the handy Shopping Guide.

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