British Sweary

British Sweary

queen cover british sweary 7-2If you love swear word coloring books, don’t miss this fun British Sweary book.

Are you looking for a way to release tension and anger? Do you get a kick out of swear word adult coloring books but are bored with the same old meaningless patterns?

Here’s a better way to channel off all your negative energy. Twenty-eight amazingly funny and expressive pictures to illustrate your feelings. What would you call a person who bungee jumps off Big Ben tower? What would you say if you saw little old ladies stealing silverware off a table, or if you didn’t want someone coming into your home? Open British Sweary and find out. Just like Her Royal Majesty, you’ll be gobsmacked.

These designs are completely original; you won’t find them anywhere else. And there’s even an explanation of the meaning of each swear word and slang phrase, and its origin.

Scroll up and get your copy now; you will expand your British Sweary vocabulary while relaxing and having fun.


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