Beauty Tips - Helpful Tips for Timeless Beauty

Beauty Tips – Helpful Tips for Timeless Beauty

Beauty Tips - Helpful Tips for Timeless BeautyLet’s face it – looks matter. And beauty is power. You don’t see ugly women married to wealthy and powerful men. Do successful women look like they work in a sewer? Conversely, do they slather on so much make-up it looks as if there must be something to hide? That’s not to say you shouldn’t use make-up, but if you think about it, a really beautiful glow and really beautiful complexion starts with what you put in your body. It starts with how you take care of yourself, how you hydrate and how you live from the inside. In ‘Beauty Tips: Helpful Tips for Timeless Beauty,’ author, Kaye Young, helps guide you to a life of natural beauty and sensual rejuvenation so that you will be confident and beautiful always. You’ll learn what to put in your body as well as on your skin; how exercise, sleep and relaxation all help your looks; what food supplements you should take; tips for simple yet effective ways to revitalize and maintain a beautiful you. Ms Young even gives you a daily step-by-step of skin care using completely natural and healthy products that will take you just a few minutes a day. And she guides you to a beautiful mind through things such as meditation, positive affirmations and loving yourself. After all, when you like who you are, it’s reflected in the way you look.

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