A Trap is Set, A Chaplain Merriman Christian Cozy Mystery: Book 4

In small town Alpena, Arkansas, retired Army Chaplain Dexter Merriman (Chappy), just can’t seem to get away from murder.

It’s not that he is looking for anything other than his quiet and pleasant life, except the thrill that comes from riding his Harley, but when the death of a local vet is ruled a suicide, well, that just doesn’t sit right with him.

At the same time, Chappy discovers there could be a problem with poachers in the area when he rescues a stray dog from a steel trap. Aided by some crazy and likable characters including, of course, Baggins the cat, Chappy tries to sort things out without getting himself killed in the process.

If you love small towns, uplifting endings and animals, along with a little mystery and mayhem, you will love this short story series.

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