80s Fashion for Men and WomenThe 1980s decade intrigues today’s fashion designers, fashion lovers, and partygoers.  As nostalgic Baby Boomers approach retirement, their children and grandchildren want to know all about the 80s. Alexis Dickinson captures the full range of fashion styles and themes throughout the decade. The fashion of the 1980s is actually a combination of many trends and historic firsts. Exploring 1980s decade’s fashion and pop culture provides rich insight into what was happening in the country and around the world. Yuppies–Young, Urban Professional Persons–made and spent a lot of money. Royalty and governments also reflected Yuppie perspectives. Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in a fairy tale wedding and later became a fashion icon. The U.S. stock market soared. Two Hollywood movie stars, Ronald Reagan and Nancy, his wife, were elected to office. The wall separating East and West Berlin came down, signaling a new global economy. Whether readers plan to host or attend a 1980s party, “80s Fashion for Men and Women: Clothes to Create Your 80s Fashion Look” by Alexis Dickinson is a readable, go-to guide for an authentic 1980s look. Choose major fashion trends by year; print easy-to-use makeup and hair style guides “80s Fashion for Men and Women: Clothes to Create Your 80s Fashion Look” brings the themes, styles and details necessary to make a convincing costume or impress friends with popular culture perspectives of the day.

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